imeem 2.0

Listen to your favorite music on the go


  • Easy, finger-friendly user interface
  • Artist biogs
  • 'Favorite' artists and songs


  • Six song skip limit per hour
  • You can't search by song


A while back I reviewed for iPhone, and proclaimed it as one of the best music apps on the platform. Now, a new pretender to this crown is out there, in the shape of imeem.

imeem allows you to enjoy your kind of music wherever you roam, and functions in much the same way as You can search for an artist you like then start listening to music from that artist and others like them, which is great for discovering great new music. There are also featured stations, which recommended music based on your listening habits, or by what's popular in the imeem community at the moment.

In order to start using the app, you'll need to register for an imeem account, and this is a very quick procedure. Once logged in you'll be able to start perusing the catalog via the touch-friendly tabs at the bottom of the interface. 'Featured' shows you new and notable artists, the top 100 song on imeem, new artists and, rather neatly, songs from Apple ads. The 'Favorites' tab allows you to quickly skip to stations relating to artists and tracks you've previously added to your favorites. 'Search' gives you the option to type in an artist or genre and get straight to the relevant station. Unfortunately you can't search for individual songs like you can on some social music sites.

imeem contains one feature that lacks - the ability to create a music library and playlists. This will need to be done via, but once you've started adding songs and artists to your library these will become accessible via the 'My Music' section in imeem.

One major disadvantage of imeem is that it only allows you to skip past six songs per hour, which gets quite annoying if lots of stuff you don't like keeps popping up.

imeem is a worthy compliment to a great online music service, aside from a couple of annoying issues.



imeem 2.0

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